He knew what a Phoon was, but...

Omni Hotel, San Diego, California

"I was doing an art performance of Rock Balancing when one of the party attendees, a
T-Mobile employee who had been watching for a while, asked if he could walk in among the
towers. Seeing an opportunity, I said, 'Sure, but only if you'll phoon for me' (reasonably
expecting that this complete stranger would have no idea what a Phoon was yet be willing
to make a deal). He said, 'Ok.' When I asked him if he knew what a Phoon was, he confirmed
that he did by moving his limbs into a phoonlike posture.

"'So, you've seen my brother's website with the Phoon photos?' 'What site is that?' he
said. 'Phoons.com!' I replied. 'My brother invented the word and has a web site full of
pictures of Phoons.' He had no idea that there was a Phoons website. Go figure.

"His pose isn't so good because he refused to put down one of the two maragritas he was
drinking..." --David

Danke für's phoonen, unknown. Danke für das Foto-Idee, David.

Apr 02, 2005

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