The Rocking Stone

Truckee, California

"While visiting my friend Kathy, I told her about my rock balancing hobby. That reminded
her of the 'Famous Truckee Balancing Rock' and so we drove to it to check it out.

"It actually used to be so perfectly balanced that a child could push on it with his or
her finger and move it. Unfortunately someone with more appreciation for his own strength
and ingenuity than what nature had performed took it upon himself to move it beyond the
balance point, and now it just sits under the 'shrine' that had originally been built for
this phenomenon. Therefore, I considered it safe, and not a desecration, to do a Phoon on
it." --David

Gracias a David por el 'phooning' (y por la fotocomposición).

Oct 14, 1999

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