Cathedral Lake

Yosemite, California

"Cathedral Lake was my family's first stop on our 2003 summer backpacking trip in
Yosemite. We were all tired after our long hike and no one was willing to hike to the
other side with me! I had to hike 20 minutes just to get to the other side!

"My plan was to stand on the snow so I would stick out better. I knew we didn't have a
very good quality camera on us and I wanted my Phoon to be clear. After my first try, I
couldn't care less if my Phoon was clear or not. I fell into the snow up to my waist! But
I found another spot and tried again. It was then I realized my sister and I hadn't worked
out a signal beforehand, so I had no idea when to stop phooning!

"I thought it was cool that there were still huge patches of snow in JULY, and that night
I found out why--it was freezing in our tent!" --Kaitlyn

Gracias a Kaitlyn por el 'phooning' (y por la fotocomposición).

Apr 16, 2004

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