Botanical Gardens, Huntsville, Alabama

"Some people were on these columns and a park employee told them to get down. My son and I
had wanted to phoon on the columns, so I went over to the man and said, 'We really wanted
to do the Phoon and have our picture made.' He looked at me very strangely. I explained
the whole thing to him, and he said we could do it, but we couldn't say he said so. I then
asked him if he would take the picture!

"On the column, I had trouble with my bad knee, trouble balancing, trouble with my
backless shoe falling off... I had the man take several pictures! I think he was in a
hurry to get our picture and get us down before a) we fell, b) someone saw that he allowed
us up there and that he was also participating by snapping the picture and c) someone came
along and thought he was with a couple of idiots! We saw him again later and asked if he
wanted to pose for a Phoon photo. He laughed, 'No thank you.'" --Carol

Gracias a Justin y Carol por el 'phooning' y a Carol por la fotocomposición.

Nov 02, 2003

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