Fire truck

Mountain View, California

"I'm not a fireman, and that's me up there.

"In my job with the city, I end up at places like this, Fire Station 5. For months, now, I
have been thinking of how I might accomplish this. Well, the conditions were right on this
day. I explained to the fireman on duty that I was kinda arrogant and really wanted a
photo of me on top of the fire truck. He smiled. "Sure, we could do that." What a pleasant
surprise! I added, "Would this be a good or bad time to pull the truck out into the
driveway?" "This would be a great time". And I added, "Is there any way I could wear a set
of fireman's turn-outs and a helmet?" He found attire that fit (those sure are heavy!) and
showed me how to get up on top. He was very entertained by my pose." --Tim

Gracias a Tim por el 'phooning' (y por la fotocomposición).

Sep 28, 2007

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