Flower flag

"Someone sent us Bill Morson's aerial photo of the flower flag in Lompoc, California.
(Note the size of the car on the white dirt at the right edge of the photo.) We had to go
see it.

"Unfortunately, we got there as the flowers were fading and turning to seed. I picked a
flower from each of the colors so you could see them up close.

"Each stripe is 30 feet wide, and I'm standing near the end of the bottom-right white
stripe. The flag is 740 feet long and 390 feet wide. Each star is 24 feet in diameter. One
estimate is there are more than 2 million flowers in the flag." --Doris

About Lompoc's flower festival

Gracias a Doris por el 'phooning' (y por la fotocomposición).

Aug 18, 2002

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