A webcam

Trondheim, Norway

"We were hanging around downtown when we decided to do some phooning (see a sample). When
we walked down this particular street, one of us remembered that the local newspaper had a
webcam overlooking that area. We called Martin at home and had him capture a screenshot of
us phooning on his computer. We couldn't see the webcam, so Martin had to direct us to
where we had to stand to be in the image. When we were in the field of view of the camera,
we had to stand still phooning for a while, since the webcam only updates once a minute!
We got some stange looks from bypassers." --Vegard

Gracias a Arne, Christian, Daniel, Eivind, Emil, Erik, Espen, Karsten, Knut, Marius y Vegard por el 'phooning' y a Vegard por la fotocomposición.

May 12, 2003

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