When Phooners meet

Carlsbad, California

"Several months ago, I saw the Box Canyon Phoon photo from near where I live. I was
interested in where this 'Box Canyon' was and wrote to Kiyotei. We exchanged several
e-mails which largely centered around getting together sometime at a mutually desirable
handcrafted ale purveyor we independently frequented. We met for an ice cold one and
talked about our professions and, finally, how to get to Box Canyon. We said goodbye after
posing for this Phoon shot. The gal inside the restaurant in the light blue just HAD to
know what we were up to. I gave her a Phoons business card. She thought it was pretty
cool." --David

Gracias a Kiyotei y David por el 'phooning' y a David por la fotocomposición.

Jul 11, 2002

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