Berkner High School Mighty Ram Band

Texas Stadium, Dallas, Texas

This is the current group record--242 phooners!

"The Mighty Ram Band of Berkner High School of Richardson, Texas, spells 'Berkner' during
halftime. (Our football team made the 3rd round of the playoffs--a school record.)

"Our band director decided it would be fun to try to beat last year's group Phoon record
this year at the football game. (What a contrast to what the band director said last

"I was a drum major (I'm in the white at bottom left) and did what I could to emphasize
proper pose: we posted pictures of last year's Phoon photo, my Phoon photo from two years
ago, and your instructions on proper pose--we were determined to get the entire band to
look great." --John

Larger photo

Gracias a the group por el 'phooning' y a John por la fotocomposición.

Dec 05, 2005

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