Red Planet Diner

Sedona, Arizona

"We had to eat at the Red Planet Diner just because of the great saucer sculpture/fountain
and the neon sign in the window that said Micro-Brew. (After driving 200 miles in 105
degree heat with no air conditioner, we'd have paid any price for a good beer.)

"In small letters beneath 'Red Planet,' it says 'Welcome Earthlings.' We felt welcome.

"Many of the locals in this beautiful little town hidden off highway 89A believe the area
is a magical place. And who can argue with them: all the earth in the area is red and
there are among the largest collections of electromagnetic vortexes (and, I think, one of
the largest collections of crystal/incense/Buddha shops anywhere east of Santa Cruz,
California!). --David

Gracias a Marie-Laure y David por el 'phooning' y a David por la fotocomposición.

Sep 12, 2002

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