House on stilts

Saratoga, California

5/25/2002 This house in my area used to be at ground level. Then it was propped up, and a
huge pit was dug beneath it. (You can see wood planks at the left which have been added to
stop any more of the next door neighbor's fence and yard from falling into the pit.)
Construction was halted, and the house has been up in the air like this for nearly a year,
much to the curiosity of those driving by on a major road. (As my brother noted, it's
amazing it didn't fall down in this earthquake country.)

Now the newspaper has reported that the owner's alleged plans were to build a 4000 square
foot underground greenhouse for growing marijuana. He's in jail at the moment, and the
city is trying to figure out a way to fill the pit and get the house down.

Update: 7/2/2002 Obviously the city figured out a way. The right photo was taken one month

'Phooner': yo mismo. Fotocomposición: mío.

Jul 02, 2002

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