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See also Summit Camp 2.

"YThis is a bit weird, but hey, here at Summit Camp, we do weird. Without any further ado,
I present to you the Summit Camp Olympic Phoon Team." --Tracy

"The structure right behind us is the Big House. It is the main communication
center/kitchen/galley and entertainment building where people can go and listen to music
or watch movies." --Amy

~~Excerpts from their weekly report (really!)~~
Population: Five is the number, and the number is five.

Weather: Not bad this week; cold but clear and calm for the
most part. We have not been re-buried yet, which is a good
thing, as it has largely been too cold to operate equipment.
High Temperature: -18C, High Wind Speed: 21 knots.

Two electric space heaters repaired, another one broken. It is
a more or less constant task to repair these things as they
break. The thermostatic control for the radiator fan is stuck
in the on position. This is considerably better than being
stuck in the off position.

Our electrical work in the Big House has revealed some pretty
interesting facts about the wiring. Color coding is, um,
creative. It is probably not necessary to address anything at
this time, but it is good to be aware of what is in there.

Gracias a Amy, Jeff, Kim y Peter por el 'phooning' y a Tracy por la fotocomposición.

Mar 10, 2002

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