Phoonlike tattoo

Joroinen, Finland

"In 1999, I got an earring at a rock festival and have worn it ever since. It happens to
look like a Phoon. In August of 2003, I got this tattoo. If it meant only phooning I
wouldn't have gotten it in the first place. (So, no, I didn't put a Phoon on my leg.) I
guess there is something about phooning that comes close to how I think a person should
live his life, and that way to something this 'personal symbol' of mine represents: Go
forward, look forward, be happy with YOURSELF and the things you do and don't pay that
much attention to what other people might think of your doings.

"I get a lot of strange looks just walking around town (with my appearance I guess it's
not a surprise) and when people see a guy like this phooning I suppose it's even stranger.
Do I care? Nope. Do I get embarrassed? Nope. Do I live like I want to? Yep. And go on
living like that no matter others think of me (including phooning)? Yep. Phooning is
something that very nicely fits into my philosophy of life.

"If I had discovered this pose for the first time at it probably wouldn't have
been this big a thing for me. Knowing and liking this pose-symbol a looong time before
made me a very happy person indeed when I stumbled into and started studying
the art of phooning
." --Timo

Gracias a Timo por el 'phooning' (y por la fotocomposición).

Oct 30, 2003

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