Servers and mainframes

Omaha, Nebraska

"I thought we should pose in front of MSI's 'glass house' (one of the few IBM SANs and
WebSphere Integration Centers that holds expensive IBM servers and mainframes). We agreed
to do it as we left work at 5 pm.

"The glass house is at a main intersection. While we were posing, waiting for the
photographer to figure out how to use my camera, people were coming around the corner and
abruptly stopping and staring at us. It got pretty awkward. And we got a 'You guys are
weird' comment, but we are on the web team--so we get that anyway." --Jess

Gracias a Jess, Ronnie y Kevin por el 'phooning' y a Jess por la fotocomposición.

Oct 31, 2002

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