Cupertino City Center

Cupertino, California

"Gotta do a Phoon there," I'd thought many times as I'd driven by this site. Two months
ago, I made my way up to the 7th floor to learn that the walkway was accessible only from
one office space and that space was unoccupied. I came back with a photographer a few days
later, but the office doors were locked. Drat.

When I went there this time, the doors didn't open with a quick check of the knobs. I was
about to give up when I heard the laughs of some gals beyond the doors. I was that close
to getting the picture. I knocked but received no answer. Should I give up? Was I gutless?
I finally got up the nerve and pushed hard on the doors...and they opened! I found the
gals and explained that a photographer was waiting across the street, and "could I pose in
your walkway for an internet photo?" When we went to the walkway, we could make out the
tiny figure of the photographer across the street, waving her arms. My story checked out,
and now here's the photo!

Phoonaaja: minä. Kuvan idea: minä.

Jul 04, 2002

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