That really ain't right


OH my GOSH. WHAT were they THINKING?

Captions: see blog.

Rules for Phoon poses

"During the study period, the professor observed a large sub-unit (possibly an extended
family) emerging from a dwelling after a lavish feast. These individuals would walk
together along a woodland path, stopping occasionally to strike peculiar poses, the
purpose or significance of which has yet to be determined." --Louise P. 03.05.06

"Where bad Phoons go to die." / "On tonight's news, we'll show you the tragic multi-Phoon
pileup..." --Trent D. 03.23/06

"Kids: eat your vegetables or this will happen to you." --John D. 04.04.06

"Okay! Everybody ready to Hokey Pokey?? All together now...You put your left foot in...
um, no, your LEFT foot!... uh, no, that's not your foot...your left knee...nope, that's
not it... IN, not UP!! Aaah, forget it..." Linda 05.03.06

Nov 12, 2005

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