Food tent at the Pentagon

Washington, D.C.

"Last weekend (9/21/01), I went to the Pentagon to help feed the relief workers. I was
assisting a group called Christ in Action (CIA) which does crisis relief and outreaches
across the country. CIA was here feeding workers since the Wednesday after the attack. "I
had just started a job with the Senate (tech support) on the Monday before the attacks and
was in D.C. during the attacks. My father runs an alcohol and drug treatment program in
Cincinnati, Ohio, and he and my mother brought 10 of the guys from the program down to
help. They had been there for a while. I only had the opportunity to go for one day. We
were responsible for fixing breakfast and started preparing food at 4am. We probably
served 1000 people that morning." --Dean ( scroll to the bottom of Dean's web page to see
his journal of his time at the Pentagon )

Thanks to Dean for phooning (and for the photo idea).

Sep 27, 2001

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