Hints - Crimson Room

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Easier items to find:

  • Drawer - CD jacket
  • Beyind curtain - key
  • Yellow bowl - ring
  • Pillow - key
  • Drawer - memorandum
  • Drawer - power supply cable
  • Drawer - box

Difficult items to find:

  • End of mattress under pillow - metal stick
  • Under cabinet - cassette tape
  • Foot of bed - battery
  • Curtain, after shaking - ring


  • Power the CD player to get something.
  • You can open the little box once you put three items on it.
  • You can play a movie in the box once you put two items in it.
  • The movie tells you where to click (though not when).
  • The URL on the memorandum leads to useful information.