Hints - Try To Get Into The House - amoadv.swf

Play the game!

Your goal is to get in...

In the entryway is a five button device. Each button lights once you solve its corresponding puzzle.

Puzzles to (find and to) solve:

  • Mailbox
  • Machine next to motorbike
  • Water faucet
  • Backdoor faces
  • Power meter
  • Front door device

Related helpful things to find:

  • Sign with characters
  • Rabbits
  • Meter control buttons
  • Scrap of paper with a sort of "yes" and two "no" shapes
  • Wrench
  • Posts of varying height
  • Plug
  • View of 1 through 5 on posts
  • View of 1 through 5 on white with diagram
  • Underground valve

It is important to watch the cursor shape because one view might allow a broad right turn (a walk around the corner) and also a sharp right turn (a spin where you are).

  • Regular cursor arrow
  • Pointing hand
  • Forward arrow
  • Left/Right curve arrow
  • Left/Right spin arrow

In each view, pass your cursor over every feature. Some selectable areas are easy to miss because right next to those areas, other cursor shapes like left/right/reverse can appear.

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