Hints - Viridian Room

Play the game

(Did you play Crimson Room first? It comes before this.)

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An eerie sound plays whenever the screen you are viewing reveals something of value to you. It may be hard to see, so listen for the alert sound. Exception: the sound outside the door has other meaning, as you will understand as you complete the game.

Things to collect:

  • Two items near the slippers.
  • Item on lamp (but only from certain angle).
  • Two items in fridge.
  • Two items near trash (trash only seen after closing fridge door; second item only accessible after you have used About Item on the hair, for some reason).
  • Item near pillows.
  • Four items near the skeleton. One doesn't appear (and barely at that) until you've clicked a certain part of the arm). Getting two of the items enables you to get the third (red) which gets you the fourth (green).
  • Bookcase: items in book, items on top shelf.
  • Item on high railing.

Early in the game, you should have access to all of these: 6 chinese characters, medicine bottle and key (harder to see), lighter, CD jacket, two photos, frame, beer, incense sticks, paper with hair.


  • Click on an item on the right and click About Item. For some items, you learn about the item. For others, you can then click another item and then the displayed item to make something happen. You can click Escape to get back to the room.
  • Reading the diary helps you learn who the skeleton is (and what it liked) and who you are and how you can help.
  • The incense and hair can be burned. There is plenty of incense to burn and you'll probably need to burn more!
  • Burn the hair paper more. Write down the sequence. View the characters in the medicine bottle. Write down which character on the right is character 1 on the paper. View the green item (found in the red item after you found the key) and apply the characters in that sequence (changes each game).
  • Lock number: increase through the days in the diary.

Things that just don't matter: pictures, frame, pills.