Flash Phooning

Mile Zero, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

"There was a 15 minute window of time during which people were to converge on a particular
location in the city, participate in this geocaching event--and then, just as quickly, go
their separate ways. About 110 people participated in this event (part of a much larger
around-the-world event that involved upwards of 4300 people). When plans were being made
for our event, I asked if it could include a group Phoon photo." --Tom

"At first we wondered if we could pull it off. But Tom posted a link to your instructions
and we all could learn in the privacy of our homes. We all arrived ready to phoon on
command. Also, Tom is quite proficient at getting folks in uniform to do things well, so
we all figured we could fall-in and do as we were told like the best of them." --Helen

Grazie a the group per phooning e a Tom e per l'idea della foto.

Nov 22, 2007

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