Documenting Java and C++ Software

Updated 4/25/2003

Are you interested in learning or reviewing how to create software documentation?

Would you like to be notified when the book is available for purchase? Send me an email with that request and I'll add your id to the list. (Don't worry...I will not give your id to anyone else. I'll only use it for contacting you about the book.)

The following PDF sample, updated 4/25/03, contains over 60 pages from various parts of the book:    sw.pdf
Be patient: your browser might remain blank for a few minutes while this 190 KB downloads and prepares for display. (I am not certain whether I will make it available in read-only, non-printable PDF form.)

Those who have taken my documentation courses will see that the book includes diagrams I scribble on the board but did not include in the student a lot of extra detail not presented in the courses.

C++ is an "ugly" language, as many of you can attest. (What a relief, I thought to myself, when I learned Java after having learned C++. I find Java so much easier to look at and understand.) Presenting both C++ and Java versions of the same concept has proven quite challenging. I have rewritten a few of the more technical chapters several times, considering how best to "keep the cookies on the bottom shelf" for such problematic topics. I am pleased with the results and look forward to your benefitting from them.

I wish for all of you that the book were complete! Will the book be available in a few months? I hope so!

In the meantime, can you think of others in your organization who might be interested in a two day course on Documenting Java or on Documenting C++, a three day course to combine both, or a one day seminar on either? Circulate an email. You might discover, for example, that there are enough interested people from other departments to make this happen.

John E. Darrow    
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