Before/after photos

Other before/after photos

A friend had taken these photos and was going to select one for use for a local newspaper ad. Everyone is at their different photos. I wanted to come up with an image that represented the best from the different photos.

  • Mother and middle boy: They're best in photo 1, so I started with that photo.
  • Girl: She wiggled in photo 1, so grab her and the mom's legs from photo 2.
  • Right boy: I got the urge to grab the shot of him with the dog and create a photo with two dogs, just because it cracked me up (and because they weren't hiring me to do this for them. I was just having fun.
  • Right boy: His smile is better in photo 1 and his eyes are great in photo 4...but then his eyes needed 2 degrees rotation to match his head tilt.
  • Water and fence: I had another photo where the water and fence looked great (and the people were too dark). So I copied those and cloned out the yellow sign.