Christmas lights

San Jose, California

Debi's aunt, middle name Noela, died tragically in 1997. Later, Debi heard a story about
her aunt. Her aunt had seen a house with a lot of Christmas lights and instructed a family
member to buy more lights for their own place to be ahead. Instantly, Debi knew how she'd
carry on the memory of her aunt. This year, she worked 140 hours to put up over 30,000

Tim and Debi live in the upstairs apartment and Kay downstairs. Renee and I had "stumbled
across" this place, glowing across the street from a theatre we had just gone to. Debi,
Tim and Kay were such fun to talk to--and they readily joined in this phooning silliness.

See also the apartment courtyard and another picture of the front with Renee.

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Jan 01, 2004

カリフォルニア    展示・装飾    記念日

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