Christmas decorations

Monte Sereno, California

The moving image is the only one with a Phoon.

The decorations at Halloween were amazing and word spread that the show was to be even
better at Christmas. Larger crowds returned to enjoy the display and the generous owner
provided gourmet cookies and hot chocolate for all!

Update 12/1/04: You may have heard about this house in the news. The city clamped down on
displays like this (since neighbors on the cul-de-sac complained about the 3-month
traffic). So this year, the owner just put up a 10' Grinch.

Give this 360 degree image time to load--it will move, if your computer supports it.

フゥ~ナー: Reneeさん   アイデア:

Dec 13, 2002

カリフォルニア    展示・装飾    フゥ~ナーを探せ!    記念日

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