14' drop

Discovery Bay, California

"No problem," I thought, when I first saw this location. Then I climbed high enough to
discover that the top tier was not full of dirt and plants like the lower tier AND that
that was actually a really tall wall that went all the way to ground level with nothing
nearby on either side AND that I was already growing weaker from my nervousness about the
height. Somehow I got to that top wall and shuffled out to the photo spot. I stiffly moved
my arms into position, yelled "Now!" to the photographer. The best I could do was weakly
twitch my heel upward then back down. I was sure that I hadn't made the shot. I sat down,
straddling the wall, shook my head in frustration, and scooted backward on my butt to the
corner post. To get back down to the side wall, I had to get on my belly on the top of the
corner post. I lay there for a bit to regain courage, with my butt facing the traffic that
was accumulating at the intersection. I lowered myself to the midwall and phooned there,
thinking that that's the best I was going to get.

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Feb 29, 2008

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