Dayton, Ohio

"This is in our back yard in front of the Stillwater River, a river with an abundance of
wildlife, including Canada Geese, mallards and Wood ducks, Great Blue Herons, woodpeckers,
beavers, woodchucks and raccoons. Surprisingly, there were no canoeists going by on this
beautiful day.

"My nephews had a hard time doing this. Austin's initial reaction when I tried to get him
to do the pose was embarrassment...he was afraid that one of his girlfriends (!?) would
see it and he'd be ridiculed. But once I got his older brother to participate, Austin
couldn't resist." --Shayne

フゥ~ナー: AustinさんDillonさん   アイデア: Shayneさん

Apr 19, 2003

オハイオ    河川

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