The Monolith

Frogner Park, Oslo, Norway

A website about the sculptor and park

"Did anyone say anything about us phooning? No. In Norway, if you don't know the people,
you don't ask them questions. For instance, I said 'Hi' to a woman as I passed her on the
street in my Norway neighborhood. She stopped me and asked, 'Do you know me?' 'No.' 'Then
why did you speak to me?' I had a little trouble explaining that in America, we greet
people whether we know them or not." --Tim

フゥ~ナー: ChristinaさんTimさん   アイデア: Timさん

Sep 25, 2002

人間型の建造物    ノルウェー

フゥ~ンズ ホームページ