I'm home!

Sunnyvale, California

Spring break, 1983

(Wow, Mom found this previously-unknown Phoon in her ancient photo album. She asked if I
was doing a Phoon in this and I confirmed with magnifying glass that I was! And when I
took a digital photo of the old print and zoomed in and adjusted contrast, I discovered
she was in the photo, too! This would be her FIRST Phoon, then. Cool.)

My folks were away from home when I arrived home from college. I had plenty of time to jog
their two cars plus mine (closest to the garage) into this new position, just to make them
laugh when they arrived home.

フゥ~ナー: Dorisさん   アイデア:

May 20, 1999

カリフォルニア       新しいジャンルを切り拓いたフゥ~ナーたち

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