Pub frenzy

Groningen, The Netherlands

"This is in my favourite pub, bluescafe 'De Vestibule' in my hometown, Groningen. I asked
some random customers and the bartender to pose. As you can see, it didn't quite turn out
right. It's kind of hard to explain, it seems." --Albert

Editor: How many Phoons can you pack into 20 square feet?! I found five in the first pic
(I added arrows for the harder-to-find-ones) and three in the second. Note that it didn't
take long for this crowd to go nuts...and then abandon these faithful Phooners. (Did they
run outside and light stuff on fire?)

フゥ~ナー: AlbertさんMartinさんTheoさん   アイデア: Albertさん

May 11, 2001

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