Easy: Creating Phoon Panorama Photos

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There are three types of panorama photos:

It is so easy to make panoramas--why don't you make one soon?

  1. Take photos that overlap each other. (See the image below.) You do NOT have to have a special camera. Any camera will work. You do not have to make the pictures overlap perfectly. HOWEVER, you need to rotate the camera (for example, on a tripod), not rotate your body (which would incorrectly move the camera to the side).

  2. Use stitch software OR just upload the photos and I will stitch them. (See! I told you it was easy!)


  • For horizontal panoramas, put the Phoon in the rightmost picture. (I find it more interesting to have to scroll to the right to find the Phoon.)

  • Plan ahead: Make sure you can see the Phoon even if I shrink your photo so that it is no bigger than 320 x 240. (Stitched photo results come out big, and I always shrink them, even when I started with the smallest photo size from my camera).

Are you thinking of taking a group Phoon panorama photo? Read these words of advice before you attempt it.