Ocean City, Maryland

"These friends have been together since they were in diapers. They're spontaneous. This
weekend, they decided to visit Ocean City in Maryland.

"I was surprised to hear them call their friend Joon by their nickname for him, 'Foon' (a
simple rhyming sound). I told them that there is a pose named 'Phoon' and that it was

"As we were walking along the boardwalk, one of them called out 'Foon' to get a response
from Joon. And all of the immediately did a Phoon pose. I was amazed at how they all
reacted in the same way. To me it was evidence of the deep and long relationship they hold
together." --Michelle

Tack till David, Andrew, Jason, Paul och Joon som Phoonade och till David för fotoidén.

Jun 05, 2008

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