Maui, Hawaii

Editor: I was caught off guard by this story. Renee submitted this and, before I read her
comment, I was typing a cheery response about the nice location and the great expressions
on their faces. Then I read the story.

"I really don't know the story behind this photo, but I thought Laura would love to be
included on your site. Laura Vogel went missing on 2-21-10 while in Maui, Hawaii.
Family, friends and law enforcement have tirelessly searched for her but there has been no
sign. She was to camp overnight, and when she didn't show up for a tutoring lesson on
Monday, friends called police. Laura is a great humanitarian, an environmentalist, a
people and animal lover and a generous woman. She has a wonderful sense of humor...if she
had ever seen your website, she never would have taken another two-legged picture.
Thousands of fans have been touched by Laura's life and story--see Find Laura Vogel on
Facebook." --Renee

Tack till Laura och unknown som Phoonade och till Renee för fotoidén.

Mar 26, 2010

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