Translating Phoons

Language Credits
Deutsch/German Silke (and Shahrzad, Andreas and Monika)
Dansk/Danish Nej
Español/Spanish Aitor, Mikel, Carmen, Javier
Esperanto/Esperanto Luigi
Français/French Silke (and Arnaud and Jean-Marie)
Svenska/Swedish Göran
Italiano/Italian Ettore, Luigi, and Sandro (and Marco, Gianluigi, Mika and Manu)
/Japanese SG
Suomeksi/Finnish Timo
Norsk/Norwegian Håkon, Toni (with Pål-R, Fredrik, Åsmund and Trond)
Nederlands/Dutch Tom, Rescudo and Joachim
German, French, Dutch, Danish... The translators for these languages were very helpful. Many thanks to them for all they did! And they are also busy and off to other things, so I have stopped generating in those languages until other volunteers step forward. If you would like to help make a little progress for one of those languages, let me know!


Do I want every picture page translated? No! That would be a never-ending and impossible task! My web-based translation tool shows the English words or phrases on the left, and you type your translations on the right.

Here is what needs to be translated:

  • the category titles you see on the main page
  • descriptions for about 25 categories
  • a few long pages: Common Questions, Phoon Store, Tips, Ratings

Interested? Send me an email.

Screen shot of translation tool